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About Us

Belton Consulting, LLC combines 20+ years of legal experience with more than 5 years of extensive lobbying to form a knowledgeable and effective one-stop solution for any client. We are located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and focus on energy related issues in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Concentrating in the areas of energy consulting, governmental relations, regulatory affairs, and legal services, our goal is to aggressively and professionally represent and achieve each client’s interests and goals. In addition to energy related issues, our governmental affairs group can provide assistance on any subject matter or topic to meet a client’s needs.

Energy is our primary focus, which sets us apart from other companies that may only occasionally address these areas. As a result, we have a wealth of experience in all aspects of the energy industry.

Belton Consulting’s expansive background positions it to be your comprehensive solution for navigating the ins and outs of the energy industry, and will provide long-term results that meet your needs.

What We Do

We work to resolve our client’s challenges or concerns in the areas of regulated electric and gas utilities, and oil and gas . These range from highly complex electric and gas utility issues such as power generation (including fossil fuel, nuclear and renewable resources), site requirements, purchase power agreements, net and smart metering, energy efficiency issues, distribution and transmission, and cost recovery issues to more day-to-day matters, such as assisting with rate analyses to determine the most economical rate schedule available for you.

Within the oil & gas sector, we assist and solve matters relating to exploration and production, pipelines, refining, natural gas processing, marketing, land rights issues, boundary disputes, royalties, and other related areas.

Who We Are

Belton Consulting, LLC was founded by Emory A. Belton, Jr. with the goal of providing a unique resource in the energy industry. Our clients put their trust in Belton Consulting, LLC to represent their interests before legislative bodies, regulatory agencies, other state executive branch agencies and departments, and local government.

Emory A. Belton, Jr., Principal

Emory A. Belton, Jr. is a founding member of Belton Consulting, LLC. Prior to founding Belton Consulting, Emory spent 10 years at Entergy Corporation as Senior Regulatory Counsel and Senior Executive Governmental Affairs. He also served as Chairman of ENPAC-Louisiana, a federal political action committee. Prior to joining Entergy, Emory was an Assistant Attorney General with the Louisiana Department of Justice for 10 years, serving as General Counsel for the Louisiana State Mineral Board for 6 years. Early in his career, Emory was a Company Landman with Exxon Company, USA in Houston, TX.

Emory has more than 20 years of experience, including complicated electric & gas utility issues, oil, gas, and pipeline related issues, governmental & political affairs, commercial & industrial transactions, and real estate. His experience within the energy industry in both governmental and business law settings empowers him to quickly recognize necessary components involved and to facilitate important decisions. He provides expertise to clients in all aspects of state and federal regulatory undertakings with respect to electric and gas utilities, from generation to distribution. Additionally, he creates solutions for oil, gas, and pipeline matters, from well-head to burner tip.


Juris Doctorate, Louisiana State University, admitted in Louisiana in 1989.
B.S., General Business, Nicholls State University, 1986.


Board of Directors, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI)
Board of Directors, Louisiana Mineral Law Institute Advisory Council
Board of Trustees, LSU Law Center
Board of Directors, Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus Foundation
Board of Directors, LSU Campanile Charities, Inc.
Treasurer, LSU Campanile Charities, Inc
Louisiana Bar Association
Association of Louisiana Lobbyists
Secretary, Utility State Governmental Association
Louisiana Oil & Gas Association (LOGA)

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