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Leasing State Lands for Alternative Energy-Hydrokinetic Electricity Production; Attorney General’s Opinion 09-0148

Attached is Attorney General Opinion 09-0148 which was requested by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and answers several questions related to the use of state owned waterbottoms in the production of hydrokinetic energy.   

Attorney General Opinion 09-0148-4-5-2010 Hydrokinetic projects


Proposed Rules For The Leasing Of State Lands and Water Bottoms for Alternative Energy Sources

State Mineral Board Proposed Rules for Alternative Energy Leasing 8-24-2011

Attached is a very lengthy and detailed Notice of Intent published by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Office of Mineral Resources which gives notice that rulemaking procedures have been initiated to promulgate rules for the Leasing of State Lands and Water Bottoms for the Exploration, Development and Production of Alternative Energy Sources. The promulgation of the proposed rules is in response to the requirements of Act 930 of the 2010 Regular Session. The proposed rule provides detailed and specific information addressing the purpose and procedures that will be utilized in the Leasing Process, Lease Administration, Financial Assurance Requirements, Decommissioning Requirements, and Special Hydrokinetic Rules. The proposed rule also repeals the Dry Hole Credit Program.

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