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DNR Declares Ground Water Emergency in Parts of Southern Caddo Parish

Conservation Emergency Water Order 8-19-2011 OrderENV2011-GW0140001

August 2011 rainfall is 81% BELOW AVERAGE! By way of an update, on Friday, September 30, 2011 the Office of Conservation issued a statement that exceptional drought conditions remain in effect for the region where the Areas of Interest are located. The Louisiana Office of State Climatology rainfall data for the area south of Shreveport indicates monthly rainfall totals for June, July, and August to be well below average monthly rainfall with the month of August 2011 reported to be 81% BELOW average.    

In response to the prolonged drought conditions on the water supply in southern Caddo Parish, the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Office of Conservation issued an Emergency Order. See the attached.

Emergency Order No. ENV 2011-GW014 declares a temporary ground water emergency in accordance with La. R.S. 38:3097.3.C(8) and the August 15, 2009 Ground Water Emergency Response Contingency Plan to implement water conservation measures and limit use of Carrizo-Wilcox and Upland Terrace acquifer system ground water withdrawn from industrial, irrigation, domestic, and public supply water wells located in certain areas in South Caddo Parish during extended extraordinary drought conditions.

The Order allows for continued use of ground water for human consumption and agricultural purposes. Prescribed water conservation measures outlined in the Order include limitations on residential lawn and golf course fairway watering, washing of vehicles and equipment beyond what is necessary to achieve proper maintenance, the filling of ponds for aesthetic purposes, and the filling of pools beyond maintenance purposes. Industrial wells are prohibited from withdrawing water beyond what is necessary for human consumptive and agricultural purposes, and may not exceed withdrawal of 300 gallons per day for any other reason without the prior authorization from the Commissioner of Conservation.

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