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DOE Energy Savers Booklet: Tips for Saving Energy and Money at Home

It’s hot outside. I mean REALLY HOT! I was born in South Louisiana and have lived here pretty much my whole life, and each summer seems to be warmer than the previous. I don’t know anything about global warming or the causes of it, and I’m not going to go there, but I do know that it is HOT! On the other hand, maybe I’m just getting older.

Having worked for a major utility company for over 10 years, I learned many things. One common sense thing that I learned is that the easiest way to save money on your utility bill is to use less energy. In industy parlance this is called  Demand Side Management (“DMS”), and it is a buzz word these days. While there are lots of stories in the media about renewable power, green jobs, global warming, natural gas, etc., the issue is simple. It doesn’t matter how inexpensive your source of power generation is, or whether it is renewable power(wind, solar, hydroelectric), fossil generation(natural gas, coal, oil), or nuclear power, there is nothing cheaper than using less energy and not having to build more power plants, transmission, and distribution lines, etc. All of that extra cost for infrastructure and fuel(regardless of the source) is recovered from utility customers through higher rates.   

Attached to this message is a booklet provided by the US Department of Energy which gives very good information that the average homeowner can use to help use less energy. Using less energy will result in cost savings on their own energy bills, plus lessen the need for utility companies to build more power plants  and other infrastructure which will result in higher rates. 

I hope that you find the information interesting and helpful. EB 

US DOE Energy Savers

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