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Louisiana Public Service Commission Electric Rate Cost Comparison, October 2014

Attached you will find the most recent report from the LPSC listing current electricity rates in Louisiana of those companies that are regulated by the LPSC. The distinction for currently having the highest rates in the state goes to Cleco, while SLEMCO has the lowest rates. The remainder of the investor owned utilities and electric co-ops prices fall in between. The average cost per/kWh for residential customers is about 9 cents, which is REALLY LOW, and, in fact, is one of the lowest, if not, the lowest average rate in the country.

LPSC Copy of Residential Bill Comparisons By Month for October 2014


LPSC Residential Electric Rate Comparison for October 2012

Attached you will find the Louisiana Public Service Commission’s Residential Electric Rate Comparison for October 2012. Louisiana electric customers are enjoying the low price of natural gas which is reflected in low electric rates. By way of comparison, for a typical customer usage of 1000 Kwh/month, the highest and lowest cost providers of electricity in Louisiana are as follows: Cleco continues it’s trend of having the highest electric rates in Louisiana at $113.81 for 1000 Kwh/month. Claiborne Electric Cooperative is the lowest cost provider at $74.11 for 1000 Kwh/month. The cost basis for providing electric service is somewhat different for investor owned utilities like Cleco, versus electric cooperatives like Claiborne. A more accurate comparision of investor owned electric utilities shows Cleco at the highest as mentioned at $113.81 for 1000 Kwh/month, with Entergy Gulf States the lowest at $84.85. The electric cooperative with the highest rate is Jefferson Davis Electric Co-Op at $95.76 for 1000 Kwh/month, and the lowest, as mentioned, is Claiborne Electric Cooperative at $74.11 for 1000 Kwh/month. The attached spreadsheet gives more detailed information on each electric utility providing service in Louisiana. LPSC Copy of Residential Bill Comparisons By Month for October 2012


LPSC November 9, 2011 B & E Meeting Agenda

LPSC B & E 11-9-11 Agenda

Attached you will find a copy of the Proposed Agenda for the LPSC B & E Meeting being held on November 9, 2011 at 9:00 AM at the Galvez Building, Natchez Room.

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