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Louisiana’s Fight to Stop the EPA’s Regulatory Reign of Terror: Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR)

LPSC CSAPR DC Circuit Brief Phillips Affidavit 10-10-11

LPSC CSAPR DC Circuit Filing LA Motion for Stay – CSAPR Final 10-10-11

LPSC CSAPR DC Circuit Filing Dismukes Affidavit 10-10-11

Attached you will find the State of Louisiana’s Motion For A Stay, Or, In The Alternative, For Expedited Review recently filed in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, along with supporting Affidavits from Dr. David Dismukes on behalf of the Louisiana Public Service Commission, and Sanford L. Phillips, Assistant Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. You will find the brief and supporting affidavits very informative. The information outlined in the state’s petition for relief is extremely alarming.


Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR): EPA’s Regulatory Reign of Terror on Louisiana

Lawsuits Pour in Before Deadline to Challenge EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule – NYTimes_com

I am not normally prone to hyperbole, but “Regulatory Reign of Terror” is exactly what  the result of  these new rules proposed by the EPA would be on the citizens and businesses of Louisiana, and the rest of the nation. From an economic and jobs standpoint, if adopted, these rules will make the recent offshore drilling moratorium seem like a bad hair day. The rule is set to go into effect in January 2012. This article is short on specifics, but it does give a generalized high level explantion of what’s going on.  What the article does not point out is that 1) Under current actual air emissions, Louisiana is already in compliance. The EPA is basing it’s requirements to reduce Louisiana emissions on outdated modeling data from 2005. 2) The rule will require that Louisiana utilities invest over $2.28 billion in capital investments in additional pollution control equipment and technologies over the next 8 months.  THIS IS PHYSICALLY AND PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. As such, Louisiana utilities will be forced to shut down generation plants during the hottest times of the year resulting in blackouts in some areas and rolling brownouts in most others. 3) The revenue requirement, or annual rate impact on Louisiana utility customers as a result of the installation of this additional equipment, could be as much as $300 Million, which would result in utility rates increasing by about 12%. 4)  There are additional unknown costs that will certainly be incurred related to stranded costs associated with utility plant equipment that is no longer being used, purchase power and fuel contract cancellation penalties, increased costs related to a sudden shift in purchases of other compliant power resources, and the cost of tradable allowances will go through the roof, just to name a few. The good news is that the Louisiana Public Service Commission, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, and the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office have joined the litigation in the DC Circuit to fight the implementation of this fatally flawed rule. Please stay tuned to this very important issue that will directly impact us all.

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