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Lower Electricity Costs and Improved Reliability: LPSC approves ELL and EGS-La move to MISO




At it’s monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 23, 2012, the Louisiana Public Service Commission approved pending requests by Entergy Louisiana, LLC, and Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, LLC to move the oversight of its Transmission system in Louisiana to the Midwest Independent Transmission Operator (“MISO”). The commissioners voted unanimously to approve the request, a move which could save consumers half a billion dollars or more. The cost savings will be attributable primarily to the centralized dispatch of generation under MISO’s markets.  It is expected that the move will mean greater reliability and lower costs throughout Louisiana. The other commissions in the Entergy service territory(Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, and the City Council of New Orleans) have pending requests from those releated Entergy affiliates.


LPSC Securitization for Little Gypsy Repowering Project

LPSC Press Release on Little Gypsy Bond Refinancing 9-15-11

LPSC Bond Deal Saves Entergy Customers Millions in Financing Costs/Alternative Financing Structure Saves Ratepayers Millions of Dollars versus Conventional Utility Financing Methods

Attached is a press release by the LPSC which discusses the recent sale of $207 million of ratepayer backed bonds to pay for the costs associated with the  Little Gypsy 3 Repowering Project. By virtue of the use of Act 988 passed by the Louisiana Legislature in  2010 to provide new financing methods for utility companies in instances like this, the LPSC has been able to save Entergy Louisiana ratepayers over $80 Million in capital costs versus what would have otherwise been incurred using traditional utility financing methods.

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